You are not to blame for how your brain may have been TRAINED. But, read further to learn the truth and to see the sweet Pit Bulls for what they are: AMAZING Fur Babies.

National Pit Bull Awareness Day is October 27th and honestly we are beyond thankful for this day! Why? Well, maybe to help clear up some misconceptions and bad wraps these precious pets get!

A Little Pit Day History “tail”:

Early 1800s

Pit Bull Immigrants

Pit bulls are brought from England to be barn dogs for chasing rats as well as family protectors


America’s Dog

Pit bulls become the national mascot of America during WWII, becoming “America’s dog”


Lovers Not Fighters

Dogfighting sees a resurgence, harming the reputation of pit bulls


A Day for Dogs

National Pit Bull Awareness Day is held to undo the reputational damage done to pit bulls in the previous 20 years

Video Courtesy of The Pet Collective

What can you do with a pit bull?

EVERYTHING you can do with any other dog! But, take the same precautions you always should with dogs you do not know or that you do know–meet and greet and do not irritate or antagonize. Nothing creates more frustration than that.

Plus, if the dog is NOT yours, ask the pet parent FIRST. Respect the training, bond, and space that is created via the pet parent/family and the pet.

What to do on OCTOBER 27th:

  • Find a sweet pit bull and play with him or her: They are VERY playful and love to entertain and are by far NOT the monstrous animals they are perceived to be. The only entity that misses out by not playing with a pit bull is the HOOMAN.
  • Adopt a pit: YES adopt a pit bull! They’re smart and strong dogs, so training is essential, but once you’ve done this, they are among the most obedient and loving breeds in the country.
  • Share your experiences with others: What better way to educate others then by sharing the experiences you have with these amazing pets? Whether you’re attending an adopt-a-thon, visiting a local shelter, donating food and supplies, or any other officially sponsored event, make sure you share it on social media with the hashtag #NationalPitBullAwarenessDay. Find out if anyone else around you is also celebrating, and meet up to help get the positive word out about these loving animals.

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Many purrs and paws,

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