September 8, 2019 is Grandparent’s Day–We at Pet Treater look to make it the official “Grand-Fur Parent” day also!

No lie: Fur Grandchildren are the THING! The days of only cute and chubby hooman babies is gone–so many Grandparents are content to spoil their fur grand babies and we look to celebrate ALL the Grand Parents!

Life is sweeter with Fur Grand kids!

So what do these fun grand parents do with these amazing fur grand kids? Throughout the year, the signs are clear, fur kids are here to stay! Between taking long walks, spoiling with treats, beyond over indulging with presents, and SLEEP OVERS–we think that the fur baby has definitely taken a strong place in the grand parent’s heart!

5 Signs you might be A Grand-Fur Parent (or know one!)

  • You call your kids all the time to ask how the housebreaking/litter box training is going
  • You can’t stop telling strangers about your furry grandchild and all they do and how smart they are
  • You get a little too excited when your kids ask you to babysit the Grand-Fur-Baby (YES….cats and dogs BOTH qualify)
You dog-gone went crazy with the Birthday gifts!!!!
Picture courtesy of Reddit/koblkleekai
  • Uhhhh….you might have gone a little over the top for your granddog’s birthday
  • As cute as your grand baby is … you think she might need a little playmate (or a sleep mate)
Fur Grand Kids are the best…..and next to their hooman Grand kids Grand Parents have it made!

Remember, it is never a bad thing to love our fur babies, the joy they bring is the love you receive–so it is all good!

Pet Treater LOVES to treat our fur babies and our hoomans that love them…..visit our online store today to see what we have for all the family! Pet Treater. Spend $30.00 and you get FREE shipping!

As Always Many Purrs and Paws and Happy Grand-Fur Parents day,

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