July is National Picnic Month!

We asked ourselves, what does one do on a picnic, with their sweet pet? Well, let’s sit right down on our picnic blanket and find out.

Summer time Picnic Fun!

We want you to be prepared and safe of course, and some other purrfect ideas may include:

  • Don’t forget that blanket, the old red and white checkered blanket always seems fitting
  • Prepare wonderful treats and food in advance for yourself as well as your sweet pup or kitty–grab a few Pet Treater treats from their box, they are ALWAYS a hit!
  • Bring toys to fetch with, a Frisbee works, & remember to grab that toy your cat will choose to ignore–you know the “thanks, I hate it” toy!
  • Remember to bring bubbles for the pup and cat to play with, they love chasing them!
  • Allow your cat to prowl, but be watchful, they are instinctive by nature after all.
  • Plenty of water to drink and if you have a lake to swim nearby, even better!
  • Remember, while summer and sun is great, shade is wonderful too…picnic near trees too!
  • Always make sure you are in a safe area for you and your fur baby!
  • Always have ID tags on your fur babies and leashes too
  • Remember YOUR sunscreen!
  • And finally, TAKE PICTURES and post them like crazy-share the fun in the sun with all!
Bundle of joy in a basket!

Remember, above all else, have fun and maybe take a walk to work off the yummy picnic food!

It seems pretty clear to us, that summer time in July is simply a pawsomely good time to be had by all!

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As Always with Many Paws,

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