National Take Your Cat To Work Day JUNE 17th:

Yes, this is a thing and YES, we all should do be doing this! I mean, the purrs are therapeutic and good for your health after all! 

Pet Treater loves our feline fur babies and whenever we can celebrate them….for WHATEVER reason, we do IT!

Hard to focus at work with these demanding stares!

So why would one take their kitty to work with them?

Oh, let us count the reasons why…but here are a few that really make purrfect sense:

-Offices have TONS of stuff for cats to knock over….and it saves you from having stuff broken….but no really, WHY?

-Because…..Cats are our KIDS too….we have a bring your “kids and dogs to work day”….now we have a bring your cat to work day, seems it’s about time!!

-Move over doggies, it’s MEOW TIME! Some cats are home bodies while others are bold and love to explore. Those brave, pawed souls deserve to see where their humans go for so many hours of the day.

So, what can your office or work include in this day?

  • Give Them A Cozy Home

Be sure to bring some cat toys from home — and perhaps their kitty bed — so they have familiar smells to help them get acclimated when they get to the office.

  • Throw A Cat Party

Plan a “White Kitty Exchange” where everyone exchanges random cat-themed gifts – yes, yes, fun, fun—in most cases a simple empty box will do…LOL

  • Host A Cat Adoption

Certain types of workplaces may allow a cat adoption to take place on National Take Your Cat to Work Day. Reach out to your local shelter in advance and see if arranging a cat adoption is paw-sibble.

They can play ANYWHERE! Work is never work for our sweet kitties!

So is there a pattern here?

From 10,000 B.C., when the cat first became domesticated, to 3,500 B.C. where the goddesses of Ancient Egypt worshiped cats, to now where cats rule in 34 percent of U.S. homes. There’s around 90 million domesticated cats entertaining owners around the country.

Remember to treat your sweet purr baby with Pet Treater or go to our shop and look around for you too.

Funny how things progress and how wonderful it is that these wonderfully furry, purring “kids” took over our home lives and now our offices!  Happy Bring Your Cat to Work Day folks! Keep on purring on!

With many paws and purrs,

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