The loss of a pet is something most of us have experienced in our life, and we all know just how hard that loss is. The bond we share with our furry friends can’t be beat, and once it’s gone the pain and sadness you’re hit with can be miserable! This is an extremely personal post about just that. The loss of my best friend, Cincy, and how we (as a family) decided it’s time to fill that empty place in our hearts with a new family member!

Cincy was actually my husband’s dog first. She was given to him by a friend of his sister’s, and was the cutest little baby Boxer/Bulldog mix you’d ever seen.

These were the years before I even knew my husband…so let’s fast forward to when I entered the picture. 😉

When my husband and I started dating, I think I fell in love with Cincy just as much. She was about 5 years old when I first met her, and pretty far out of her wild puppy days. My husband told me stories about just how wild she was as a youngster, and it was hard to believe that the lazy, cuddle bug of a dog I knew could have ever acted in such a way!

I like to say that I quickly became her favorite person, but she loved us all. She was patient with my daughter, and protective of us all. I took her on all the car rides, gave her treats, belly rubs, extra snuggles, and the best doggy massages. I even let her into bed (which my husband said was a no no) and painted her nails on a regular basis. She was one pampered, spoiled, and greatly LOVED pooch! We also frequently went to watch baseball games during the Spring. It was probably one of our favorite things to do. She was named after my husband’s favorite baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds, after all.

She lived a super healthy and happy life, and vets were always amazed at just HOW healthy she was as she got older and older. At 11, she was still doing tricks for treats (a very SLOW roll-over). Things were great….until one day when they weren’t.

In February of 2016, Cincy started showing signs of the beginning of the end. She had a dry, hacking cough, and was moving even slower than usual. She wasn’t eating much, and in return wasn’t going to the bathroom like she should. I knew something was really wrong when I asked her if she wanted to go on a car ride, and she didn’t even budge and just looked at me with sad eyes. After a trip to the vet, they discovered multiple masses in her chest and lungs. At her age, surgery would be extremely risky and not a guarantee (not to mention VERY expensive). We had to make the hardest decision in the world, and put our beloved dog and my BEST friend to sleep.

My husband and I held her while she wagged her tail, kissed our faces, and slowly went to sleep one last time. While I was grateful she was no longer in pain or discomfort, I was brokenhearted to be without my furry friend. The next challenge we faced was telling our daughter that Cincy wasn’t coming home. When she arrived home from school, her first question was “where’s Cincy?”. After lots of tears and a long discussion, she understood but it was hard on all of, especially over the days immediately following.

These are the last pictures I have of Cincy. She LOVED car rides, and was always so excited to go on one. So that’s why I have her two last car rides.

I cried the day my husband cleaned her nose smudges off my passenger side window, even though it was months after she passed. Those “dirty” marks and the fur she left behind (on EVERYTHING) were things that no longer annoyed me, but things I cherished. To this day, I still find her white fur in places.

Years have passed since that sad day, and our hearts are just NOW feeling opened enough to bring in a new member of the family. I fully believe a house isn’t a home without a pet. We now have two daughters, and the oldest asks for a dog nonstop. So, the time has come…..and we have officially welcomed Dottie to the family. ❤

We’re finally ready for puppy kisses, the challenges of house training, the fun of puppy games, and the love and happiness this little baby will bring to our family for years to come!

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If you ever find yourself in a situation where you can’t afford life saving medical procedures for your beloved pet, Brown Dog Foundation might be able to help!
Brown Dog Foundation is a 501c3 public charity that provides funding to families who find themselves in tough situations – a sick pet that would likely respond to treatment, but due to an unforeseen circumstance, there is not enough money immediately available to make it happen. Read more about the great things they do here!

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