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As summer is upon us, it is inevitable that the bugs will be coming out, and coming IN to your home and ONTO your pets. Just today at my house, a bee was out making it’s way into my house. The creepy crawlies are starting to creep and crawl about, and your pets, your yard and yourself are not immune. But how do you keep them off and out of your space and loved ones?

Cedarcide is a product that has been around for a while, helping you solve this problem.

There are two types of Cedarcide:

Cedarcide Original:

This is the water-based form of cedarcide that can be used indoors on pets and for personal use. Cedarwood oil, the main active ingredient in Cedarcide Original, is effective at warding off fleas, ticks, mites and mosquitos, which help prevent heart works, mange and more! Yes, putting this on your pets can help this problem,


This is the oil based version that can be used outdoors on your yard. Yardsafe is recommended for use on your yard once per month.

Is it safe?

“Yes! With animals, you definitely want to use the product as recommended, and go slow if you are using it on a cat. Cedarcide Original is steam distilled, so harmful components are removed, but cats are sensitive, so start with a tiny amount to make sure that your cat is ok with the product,” Whitney, the marketing director, tells me in an interview.

How do I apply Yard Safe to my yard:

This product comes in two forms. One form is a diluted version that you hook up to your hose and spray around shrubs, trash cans, fences and the house.  This is great for

smaller yards.  The other version for your yard is a concentrate. This is better for larger areas, one acre + yards.

Using this product on your yard periodically along with application yourself and your pets can help reduce fleas and ticks, as well as mites and other pests like ants.  That is right, you can even safely use in your kitchen to treat for those pesky little crawlies.

Are you interested in learning more or trying this product?

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