People are traveling from far and wide to see the collection and, of course, their dogs are with them!

Utopia, could it really just be the world in which you can take your dog everywhere with you? If you are a dog person, you will probably not even blink, and answer with a confident YES! You are not the only one. David York, a successful entrepreneur and dog lover, agrees completely and has now em-‘barked’ on a new venture called “Museum of Dog.” M.O.D. is home of David’s personal collection, a reflection of his history and love for dogs in business and in personal life.

David, after years of success in retail, founded Barking Hound Village, one of the first ever doggy daycares located in Atlanta and Texas. “We had 3000+ dogs in doggy daycare in Atlanta every day, and, as you can imagine, I received a lot of dog related gifts. I also started buying things for the offices, and I really just ended up with a lot of dog related items and artwork.” Throughout this time, David collected Wegman pieces along with unique finds that were simply just special to him.


During the sale of his company, he went through and picked what he could not part with. “Once I had everything together, I realized it was pretty much all dog stuff,” David laughs. “I thought of putting it in storage, but thought no, that is not good. I had just bought this old building, and that is when I thought of the idea to make a tribute to our love for dogs.” At the museum, you will see extremely valuable pieces right next to a dog sculpture that may have a missing ear. The collection has variety and character, and you and your dog will feel right at home.

The building, the old Quinn’s Paint and Wallpaper store, was built in 1803 right on the river. With a rich history that left it a little worn and tattered, this building now housing a passion is really the perfect reflection of how dogs love us even with all of our imperfections. The museum is a place for conversation and sharing, and dogs are the catalyst. “We have not had any fights here so far,” I can hear David’s smile through the phone. “Dogs bring people together.” It is true; Dogs are a common thread that break down walls that separate us.

“Dogs bring people together.” – David York

Dogs are welcome at the museum, and, yes, they are allowed on the couches. Check out Museum of Dog on Instagram to see some amazing photos that will make you smile and want to leave immediately and take your beloved pooch to this haven! And David is not stopping here. He has just opened a coffee shop connected to the museum and has some other dog friendly plans in the future.

I think we can all agree that dogs are one of the best parts about life! So, cheers to your pup, cheers to you and cheers to David for creating such a special place that dog owners and dogs alike can call home for a few hours.

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