Sustainability is the mission of this dog treat company, Jiminy’s

Anne Carlson’s creation, Jiminy’s is a new kind of treat that you will want to try for your dog.  Made from crickets, these offer an amazing amount of protein, iron, magnesium, and other vitamins and minerals to keep your dog healthy, And on top of that, dogs love the taste.  Of course, dogs naturally eat bugs. I am sure you have seen your dog spot a cricket in the house of outside, and laser focus takes a hold. So, why choose crickets over another kind of treat? Anne Carlson will tell you more about that. I had the chance to interview her, and what an amazing, brilliant and inspiring woman she is!


“Coming out of the consumer packaged goods industry, the back half of it in the pet industry, I knew I wanted to do something that focused on sustainability,” Anne explains. “When you really look at the amount of meat dogs are consuming each year, around 32 billion pounds, and the resources that go into producing them, it is staggering!”

Anne began brainstorming, She was working on a PowerPoint presentation slide, listing traditional sources of protein on the left and alternatives on the right. “I wrote ‘insects’ on the right side, and placed a bug graphic there. I couldn’t stop thinking about it after that. That was my ah-ha moment.”


Why Crickets?

Crickets are an animal so they are a full and complete protein source. Their life goal is to reproduce. “When you start to hear that chirping noise a cricket makes,” Ann explains, “that is their mating call.”  The crickets get to live 80% of their life, and reproduce, making their use in these treats humane.

How does this work?

I was wondering the same thing. Where are all of these crickets? They are raised on a farm, which is basically a warehouse. The crickets are taken care of until after they reproduce. Then, the temperature is slowly lowered until they reach a hibernation type state. They are then frozen and the whole crickets are ground into a protein powder which is used in the treats, and soon food!

Are bugs good for my dog?

“Crickets are a super food, packed with omegas, vitamins and minerals along with protein. Also they are low calorie compared to other treats and food. Another interesting thing that has been found, is cricket farms do not contain the pathogenic threat that other beef and chicken farms do. There are no findings of E.coli, staff or other harmful risk factors.”

In addition to being good for your dog, Jiminy’s is good for the environment. The pet food industry is one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions and climate change. By switching to a sustainable source for dog treats, and soon you will have the ability to switch to cricket food as well, you drastically reduce your carbon pawprint.


“Cat treats and Dog Food are definitely on the road map. We are working to formulate the food right now, and cat treats will come soon after.”


Anne and her team have partnered with some amazing advisors who share in their beliefs who have contributed and continue to contribute to the development of this alternative for your dog.

Dr. Ian Dunbar of Sirius Dog Training is currently working with us to design our next product, the chewy training treat. He helped us choose the size and shape that he has seen to work best throughout his 25+ year career with dogs.


Dr.  Mark Finke is currently researching the digestibility of the cricket based food. With his guidance, we will formulate the best option for your pup!


Dr. Janet Van Dyke of the Canine Rehabilitation Institute has also been involved it us getting to where we are now.


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