Solving the carp conundrum; Fish based Dog and Cat treats without mercury threat

We live in this world every day yet still remain unaware of some of the issues that threaten our environment, the food we eat and the animals that we co-habitate with.  One of those issues has to do with Asian Carp.

Have you heard of Carp? Maybe you think, “Yes, those are the bottom feeder fish… I wouldn’t eat that.”  This is a typical response, but, in actuality, Asian carp are different than the species of carp that you would be referring to. I had the opportunity to interview Michael Cody, Co-Founder of BareItAll Pet Foods, and he has SO much purpose behind what he is doing in his business, and no, it doesn’t include forcing you to eat carp.



Michael was a chef, and after he got his feel of late nights and weekends in the kitchen, he decided it was time to go back to school. He got his masters in Entrepreneurship and Environmental Science at DePaul. After a day talking about the Asian carp environmental issue, he had an “Ah-ha!” moment.  “Even though the bony carp were a delicacy in Asia, people in the US didn’t seem to like the fish for their food. However, dogs and cats would love this,” Michael states. This was when his idea hit him.


What are Asian Carp?

Asian carp were introduced into the United States in the 1970’s to help clean up the catfish farming industry. Unintentionally, they flooded into the Mississippi River, where they now reproduce at an amazing rate of 2 million eggs per fish twice per year.

Why is this an Issue?

Carp are large fish and eat A LOT! Because they are reproducing at such a high rate, they are threatening the native fish by competing for food and resources.

Not as many native fish has harmed the fishing industry!

With the native fish population so low, fisherman are not able to earn a living anymore.  There are now only approx. 15 fisherman able to run t

heir business on the Illinois River now.


What does the future look like?

The carp are moving toward the Great Lakes, which would then threaten the native fish populations, including salmon, all over North America. This is a huge environmental concern, and there are competitions and legislation in the works to help figure out how to combat this issue.

How is BareItAll helping?

BareItAll takes the Asian carp and turns it into high quality, delicious dog and cat treats! Because carp is a healthy source of fats and protein without the threat of mercury poison that salmon has, it is highly preferred by pet owners.  Even Nestle and Purina agree, awarding BareItAll the innovative business award this year!


Want to try these?

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BareItAll is a member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition which supports businesses focused on sustainable sourcing and manufacturing of pet products. Visit their website to learn more!



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