CBD or full spectrum hemp extract for humans can also be good for pets, Benefits of CBD for Dogs and Cats

Chances are, you have heard of CBD, industrial hemp or other phrases that refer to a new product in the market for whole plant based wellness products.  We know that we have questions, so we partnered with Mary’s Nutritionals and Mary’s Whole Pet to get the low down. We interviewed Elle, a once promoter of arts and culture at the Denver Art Museum, now a publicity and marketing professional with Mary’s.


What is Mary’s Nutritionals and Mary’s Whole Pet?

Mary’s started as a medical cannabis company in Denver, CO called Mary’s Medicinals. Taking the plant-based relief knowledge, Mary’s grew, adding hemp-based products, opening the line “Mary’s Nutritionals.” “We produce full spectrum activated hemp infused products for humans and for now for pets!,” Elle mentions.

What is Hemp?

“Hemp is a plant that can be legally grown by licensed growers in the United States and has been used for a really long time in ropes, clothing and even car manufacturer’s use hemp in some of the materials,” Elle states. “We are vertically integrated manufacturing organization. This means that we source our full spectrum hemp oil from industrial hemp plants grown on our farm in Loveland, Colorado. Our industrial hemp plants are certified and audited by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.”


The Product: 

“Once the hemp is grown, certain parts of the plant are then extracted and purified to produce what we call ‘full spectrum activated hemp extract’ and not an isolate. “A full spectrum product is more dynamic and therefore better for you and your pet!”

Why use them?

Activated Hemp Extract has been shown in research to act an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and neuroprotectant. A product like this can be used to help prevent and manage inflammation, pain, anxiety and more in humans and pets.


 How to use them?

Mary’s Whole Pet has products that can be administered in two ways:

  • Topical: Topical products is great for REACTIVE treatment to acute needs.
    1. Whole Pet Transdermal Gel Pen: Here is an example when the gel pen would be perfect: There is a storm and you notice your dog shaking. You can take one 1 mg pump of the gel pen and rub it on the fleshy inner ear of your pet. Within about 10 min you should see the nervousness subside.
    2. Buddy Balm (Topical): Buddy Balm is amazing for specific spots your dog may need relief, like hot spots or sore joints. The Buddy Balm can be applied directly to the affected area for relief. Also, this is great for paws and noses that are cracked and dry.
  • Oral: Oral administration is great for PROACTIVE care to keep a healthy happy pet healthy and happy longer.
    1. Whole Pet Drops
    2. Whole Pet Softgel Capsules

Because Activated Hemp Extract is non-euphoric. It should not alter your pet’s mental state.

Where is your hemp grown?

“We are partnered with and own a portion of the farm that we get our organically grown hemp extract from.  Elite Botanicals is amazing, and we work closely with them to ensure the highest quality product possible for our customers!” said Elle. “We have also worked closely with Colorado University Veterinary School to solidify safe dosage for your pets!”

Try it!


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