Ideas for things to do with your dog outside, Fun ways to play with your pup

Have you and your dog been cooped up in your cozy home all winter anxiously awaiting spring? Warmer weather and green grass is the perfect excuse to get outside and play with your pup! Here are some “outside” the box ideas to inspire you to get outdoors and take advantage of spring (and summer) while also bonding with your best friend(s).


  1. Play in the ParkFind a nearby dog park and let your dog off their leash. You and your dog might even make some new friends or even a regular play date! If you’re feeling extra adventurous in a park that allows your dog to be off leash on trails, you might even try a wireless GPS collar. 
  2. Eat and Drink – Policies regarding dogs in restaurants and bars vary by location, but search online or call your favorite watering hole to see if they allow pups to join you on the patio.
  3. Sporting Events – Bring your dog along to your kid’s next soccer practice or softball game. Or if you have a local professional sports team, see if they have a “pups at the park” day where they encourage fans to bring pets.  
  4. Race – Even if you or your dogs aren’t runners, many race events allow you and your dog to walk in a 5k or short fun run. Check to make sure your pup is allowed and then sign up to support a good cause and get walking! You can even keep track of your dog’s activity with a FitBark or other dog fitness tracker
  5. Camp – Spend some quality time together in the great outdoors hiking, then sleeping overnight under the stars. Nothing beats hearing the sound of the wilderness while having Fido to keep you company. Check out our ultimate guide to camping with your dog
  6. Improve – It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. Enroll in a local training class to brush up on skills or learn something new. You can also take a canine training course online and stream to your phone for some outdoor lessons. 
  7. Shoot – Test your photography skills while capturing some adorable moments of your dog. As an added a bonus, you could turn your pics into your phone screensaver (or a gift). Or invest in an amateur or professional photographer to take some photos of you and your dog together. Here are some foolproof pet photography tips.
  8. Splash – After all this playing, your dog is going to need to clean up! When you bathe your dog in the yard or kiddy pool it’s fun for the whole family. But, to ensure you bathe properly (and avoid drenching yourself too), read these tips first.


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