Best way to buy dog toys and dog treats, Why you need to stop shopping in the stores


Your pup is your friend, the one that is there for you no matter what. I know that you, like me, want to give your furry family member the best, but sometimes you look at the prices at the stores and think… “What the?! Is this for real? You want how much for that toy??”

There are so many options out there for buying dog toys, dog treats and other things like dog beds, etc. You have your big store, your local store, you online marketplace and then you have your monthly subscriptions for dogs.  Within the subscription realm, you then have options, like BarkBox or PupJoy and the best dog subscription, Pet Treater.  The reason we think Pet Treater is the best is because of the different sized options and the price point.

The Dog Box-Mini is only $12.99 per month and it is enough to satisfy an average dog. You get a bag of high quality dog treats, a great dog toy for your sized pup and an accessory.  Typically, we may also throw in another cool item or bandana.


Overall, this product is by far the most cost effective way to treat your dog to toys and treats each month! Each month has unique items to keep you excited!

The Dog Box-Mini is only $12.99 per month!

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