Cat architecture: not only for fancy kitties!

It is a well-known fact that cats like to climb, run around like ninjas and nap for hours and hours. How can we provide a safe, fun and multifunctional structure that will fulfill all of their needs and more? First, let’s cover the bases. For it to work, a cat tree must be high and sturdy enough for an active kitty and offer multiple features to entertain him during the day. Scratching posts, resting areas, toys and hiding spots are a must!

Why should one want a more complex cat structure? First of all, it helps reduce conflicts between cats because there are many ways to get to the top of the cat tree so it is more difficult more a dominant cat to block the way to another cat. Also, a more elaborate cat tree is a great hiding spot and allows them to scout around when they are frightened. Furthermore, wouldn’t you prefer to have a beautiful and stylish structure in your living room instead of an ugly half torn carpet cat tree? What if you could make your cat’s kingdom match your home décor and even better, what if it could actually become part of your room design? That’s where the Katt3 comes in!

At last, a cat tree you will not want to hide in the basement! You now have the chance to build a palace for your cat that fits your lifestyle. More than a simple cat tree, the Katt3 is revolutionary and customizable. It’s the ultimate trendy house for cats! Start with a 3-cube pack and add more along the way to create a unique fortress of cattitude! Why not become the designer of your furry friend’s wellbeing? The Katt3 offers you many fun and specialist approved accessories such as scratchers, beds, toys, a hammock and much more. What’s even better?! The Katt3 project is in constant evolution. The Katt3 designers are developing new patterns and accessories each season! Your cat’s wellbeing is in your hands…

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Created for their wellbeing, designed for your lifestyle.

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