Cats are not always the easiest to keep happy, in fact most of the time the best thing to do is just let THEM do their OWN thing. But, we as hoomans are hopeful that maybe, just maybe, they can love us for a little more than that. We hope these little “love” happy tricks can keep the purrs coming!

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  1. Let’s find that warm spot: ………let’s be real, nothing’s better then that lovely sun spot, laying on the back and soaking in the rays. It is amazing how much warmth these sweet fur babies can hold in their fur! Now, as with anything good and fun, make sure they don’t get too much sun as their skin can burn too.
  2. Cat Nip and other fun plants: Catnip has an effect on about two thirds of cats who try it, and most feel a sense of euphoria and happiness. Some other plants that offer similar reactions as catnip: Cat Thyme, Silver Vine, and Tartarian Honeysuckle Sawdust, just to name a few.
  3. BOXES, BOXES, and MORE BOXES: I mean who doesn’t order from a delivery company and get boxes? Well these little or big gems are your feline’s favorite “toy”, or at least one of them. The trick, make it seem like you want to throw it away, and watch out, they will attack it and you! Hours of fun right here, for free!
  4. Let your cat hunt: Make their food a fun “hunting” game. This can help fight boredom and the destructive behaviors that come with it, along with giving your cat some exercise to help keep off the extra pounds. There are many toys that have food inside them that both challenges and feeds your felines. A great one is: Ethical Pet Doc.
  5. RESPECT the territory: This is common sense, we simply know that cats love their space and love you more when you give it to them. Of course, when and if they need you, they will seek YOU out. Try providing your cat with an area they can have to themselves, and make sure their litter box is nearby. Many cats would like a cat tower or perch to watch over their domain.

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