Dogs typically have tons of hair or fur, so you may not even realize that they need sunscreen protection, but, think again.  That cute little cold nose is unprotected and vulnerable to the hot sun rays and can get sunburned.  It may seem like a summer need, but really, protecting your dog’s nose from the sun is a year-round necessity!

Typical, human sunscreen is NOT safe for dogs and should not be used on your furry family members.

Jill, the founder of My Dog Nose It, was in the beauty industry when she found out she had basal cell carcinoma on her nose.  A couple of years later, after many procedures to remove the cancer from her nose, her beloved Cody Joe pup had raised spots and moles on his once black nose.  She took him to the vet, and it turned out to be sun damage from their days on the lake.

This was the ah-ha moment. Jill worked with chemists to formulate and produce a product that is safe for dogs. Typical, human sunscreen is NOT safe for dogs and should not be used on your furry family members.

Sunscreen for Dogs, My Dog Nose It product information:

Apply consistently based on your dog’s needs/behavior:

My Dog Nose it is a velvety balm that can be applied to the pup’s nose in the morning (if the dog is using a dog door to go in and out) or every couple of hours (if outside for a long period of time).

Make the application a positive experience:

Give the pup a treat to distract while you are applying.

It dries FAST!

This product dries quickly on the nose, but even if your dog sneaks a lick before it dries, it is completely ingestible and digestible.

Your dog is like your child, so make sure and protect it from the sun!

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