I woke up this morning to a cool 56 degree weather with a nice cool breeze. This can only mean one thing, fall is quickly approaching and hands down my favourite thing about fall, other than big comfy sweaters & leaves, is facial hair. I patiently wait for Summer’s heat to dissolve into cooler days and cold nights. Luckily, man’s best friend also embraces this facial hair trend. Granted, the facial hair is a little different. Now whether the beard is a little wispy… we don’t judge you @fennelandchadwick, it’s a start!

or maybe your mustache is a little crazy like @fridagrenchie….

or maybe you have an impressive mustache or goatee like @agoldphoto or @_hellodollygirl_



which definitely deserves some recognition! Or perhaps your one of the lucky ones who can grow a full beard like @superflysully

Perhaps you keep your beard cropped & neat….

Maybe you grow your beard out a bit like @baracknlula ….

Maybe you grow it out with your mates like @bondithelabradoodle.

Sometimes, things may get in your beard; perhaps some food or some sand. I promise, this doesn’t take away from its majesty (it adds to it).


Which ever way your beard may grow- it is important to take in the little things before fall arrives. Like stopping to smell the flowers, Like @nestatheschnauzer….

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 With Ruff,

Pet Treater Team

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