“The Basics” and a Natural Supplement and Botanical  Tool Kit for Dogs from Dr. Low Dog

Has your dog ever been itchy and scratching or suffered from gas or diarrhea? These could be symptoms from a variety of causes.  There are some very simple things you can do to increase the well being of your dog. We had an interview with Dr. Low Dog to learn more about the “Basics” and the “Supplement Tool Kit” for your dog!

Dr. Tieraona Low Dog is a medical doctor, midwife, massage therapist and herbalist. She ran the Integrative Medicine Fellowship at the University of Arizona that Dr. Andrew Weil started. A few years ago she retired from there to returned to her home in New Mexico. Having chaired the US Pharmacopeia panel since 1998, she has been heavily involved in safety and quality standards in dietary supplements.

The use of herbal medicine spans to the beginning of time, and we were using herbal medicines to heal humans and animals far before pharmaceuticals. Today much of the research has vet or animal divisions in which they test the medications before they are tested on humans.

Because of this, many medications and products have been tested and available to animals before humans. As an herbalist and medical doctor, Dr. Low Dog has used herbal medicine on her dogs, like her children, forever, and through her individual research and overall knowledge, has developed a two step guide for caring for your pet, the “Basics” list and natural tool kit for caring for your dog.

Step 1: Get back to the Basics

  • Diet:

The good news when it comes to diet is there are so many choices in comparison to the past. There are so many grain free products that are now available. Grains, in some dogs, can cause skin issues and other issues manifesting in the stooling habits. Looking for food with fewer fillers and less wheat products can make a world of difference!

  • Exercise:

As a medical doctor, Dr. Low Dog mentions that if you, yourself, are not taking a 45 minutes to hour long stroll after dinner, then there are improvements in your habits to be made. She encourages taking on the age old tradition from Europe of walking after dinner, and take your dog with you! Dogs are bred to move and work for the most part, and in order to reduce stress, daily exercise is a must!

  • Environment and Energy at home for Managing Stress:

Know your companion!

Knowing your companion intimately is the most important baseline in your pet’s quality of life. Deeply connecting with your dog will help with behavior overall. Your energy will affect your dog, so keeping your energy calm is a great way to encourage a calm demeanor in your dog as well.


Step 2: Supplements Tool Kit

  • Omega 3 Fats

Omega 3 Fats reduce allergen tendencies and quell inflammation in the body.

Breeds that get a lot of folliculitis (in the heat, they get rashes) or have sensitive skin can great benefit from this simple addition to the routine.

Recommended Brand: Nordic Naturals for Pets

The difference this one supplement can make in the skin is amazing! Dr. Low Dog and family members were really in awe at the the positive change they saw in the chronic skin problem their Rottweiler was suffering from when they added Omega-3’s to the regimen.


  • Probiotics:

Not all dogs need to be on probiotics, but it is appropriate in some cases. It is also important to check with a vet to insure that there is not another underlying cause for the diarrhea or other symptoms, like a parasite. Probiotics have been shown in studies to be just as affective for treating diarrhea as antibiotics!

Dogs that need Probiotics:

  • Tendency towards loose stools (especially when under stress)
  • Skin issues
  • Diarrhea
  • Respiratory complaints
  • Gassy
  • If your dog is taking/has had to take an antibiotic

Recommended Brand: VetriSCIENCE

  • 9 Different Strains of the good probiotic strains that are beneficial for dogs.
  • Little chews
  • Quality ingredients
  • Cost effective
  • Easy for the dog to take

Botanicals include herbs that are commonly used in children and adults for anxiousness and other symptoms that can also be used for your dogs. Find products that are made with a glyceride. These can be purchased and given to your dog according to the weight chart for children.  Avoid the alcohol extractions when using these for dogs.

  • Lemon balm: This is a gentle member of the mint family that is prepared in alcohol free preparations for children (humans). Some of Dr. Low Dog’s friends were visiting, and they brought their dog along. There was a big storm and the dog went crazy jumping and howling. Dr. Low Dog gave the pup 2, 30 drop doses of lemon balm right out of the palm of her hand, and after a half hour the dog was asleep.

Other herbal nervines:

  • California Poppy
  • Chamomile
  • Skullcap

Recommended Brands:

Eclectic Institute

Herbs for Kids


  • Tool Kit Add-Ons

  • No feeding your dog from the table
  • Feed at the same time every day
  • Keep the bowl washed and clean
  • Have Pedialite on hand for moments when the dog may be dehydrated (signs include panting, dry nose, etc.)
  • Brush your dog regularly

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