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In the past month I’ve had a few of my friends and family experience their dog’s being attacked. Some injuries were extremely severe with their pup barely escaping with his or her life. Although these things happen every day, having the people dearest to me experience this misfortune made me wonder what I would do in this situation. These incidents happen so quickly it’s difficult to know what to do in an instant. How can you protect your dog and yourself if another dog attacks your dog? Listed are some useful recommendations if you find yourself in this tough situation.



  1. Do NOT pick up your dog or grab their collar. Doing so may cause the attacking dog to harm you instead.


  1. Always carry a walking stick, spray shield, backpack or basically anything you could use to ward off or frighten the attacking dog. Preventing an attack is clearly the best way.


  1. Walk away facing the dog. Turning away shows you are letting your guard down giving the dog an opportunity to attack again.


  1. If you see someone around, ask for his or her assistance immediately. Resolving the assault is much more effective with two people.


  1. Use your instincts, remain attentive and stay calm.


Above all, pay attention to your dog’s behavior. Experiencing a vicious attack is traumatizing, to say the least so show them some extra love.

Stay safe…and slobbery!


With ruff,


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