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April showers bring May flowers, May flowers mean it is Spring, AND Spring means ICE CREAM weather! Or are you like me, and you know that all weather is ice cream weather. (haha) Add some cake to that plate, and you have a happy person… or DOG. Yup! There is ice cream and cake that is made especially for your furry family member.  Now you can celebrate your dog’s birthday in style with Puppy Cake mix and Ice Cream.  

How did someone have this idea to make cake and ice cream mix for dogs? Well, I was actually wondering the same thing, so I contacted the founder, Kelly, who told me the whole story… which involved a trip to Las Angeles to appear on Shark Tank!

Here is how it all happened…


Q: How did you end up here, owning a company that makes puppy cake and ice cream mix? Did you always dream of this and then gradually made it happen, or was there an Ah-Ha moment of inspiration where you knew?


A: There was definitely an Ah-Ha moment! I was working as a marketing/sales manager with Smuckers, and I was doing some research and looking at old cake mix packaging.  It hit me as I sat there, “I wonder if this exists for dogs?” And that is where and how it all started.

Q: We all have weird and crazy and sometimes inspired thoughts, but that does not mean that they are suddenly manifested. It takes work and it takes, in the least, taking that first step, which can sometimes be scary or unknown. What was your first step that you took after you had the original idea?

A: Research. I began to research, in depth, what was out there. What I found was 2 companies that had handmade packaging on brown bags, and I thought to myself, “ I can do this better!”


Q: That is amazing! I love the drive that you had to actually do it! From the beginning, did you have someone or more than one person that helped you?

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A: Starting this company around my 22nd birthday, I was young and didn’t think I needed help. I tried to do everything myself, but I have since learned to ask for help!


Q: Yup! We have to delegate to grow! What experiences are most memorable in the progression of your company?

A: I was on Shark Tank Season 3, which was an amazing experience! I had applied for Season 2 and never heard back.  The following year, I was contacted to be on the show, but not because of my application. The producer said she didn’t even know that I had applied for Season 2, so it was just by chance that they had contacted me.  I was fast tracked and after being initially contacted in Mid- May, I was in LA standing in the studio by the end of July!


Q: WOW! That is so amazing! How did you prepare in that short amount of time?


A: I watched endless episodes of the show, and every question the sharks asked, I asked myself that same question and formulated what I thought would be the perfect answer. I felt prepared going into it, and walking down that long hallway towards the studio, I thought, “I am on Shark Tank! What if I forget my pitch,” haha.


Q: Describe what it was like on the show.


A: The studio is bigger than it looks, and I was standing a strange distance from the Sharks, much further than normal conversation distance. Once you enter the studio, you have to stand still and smiling for 30-45 seconds, until the producer tells you to go. This felt like forever!

Q: Most of us who have seen the show know that there are pretty much only 2 outcomes: you get funding or you don’t. What was the outcome for Puppy Cake?


A: I did not get funding, but the publicity that we received from the show airing was incredible.  The show aired on the 12th of the month, and in that month (half a month really), Puppy Cake had higher sales than the entire year prior!


Q: That is great! Did this continue to stay elevated or did it level off?


A: It stayed elevated for a few weeks and then leveled off, but we have been growing ever since.


Q: What new products have been developed?

A: I had an idea to make a mix for puppy ice cream, and I thought it was possible because of the ingredients that we already had for the icing recipe on the cakes. We created it, and it has been a HUGE success. It is funny because I was not fully aware of why it was so successful until I went to the Global Pet Expo, where my retailers told me they loved it so much because it does not require a freezer and it can sit with the treats on the shelf. Then it all made sense why it has been such a huge seller!


Q: What is the favorite product?


A: The birthday cakes are really fun! I remember seeing this picture of these three manicured Bichons sitting in from this enormous cake, almost the size of all of three of their heads combined.  They each had a different and unique expression on their faces. One was, “Just say go, mom… I am ready!” The second was, “ That is MY cake! Watch out!” The third was, “ Is this ok for me to eat this?!” It was so funny!

Q: Do you have dogs of your own?


A: I have 4 dogs and a foster, currently. I have two terrier mixes and a brother sister pair of heeler/boxer/beagle mix.  The Foster is extremely intelligent and athletic!


Q: Starting and running a company can be stressful, and you can feel burnt out at times. How do you cope with that and recharge and relax?


A: I do enjoy a good glass of red wine!


Q: What else do you want people to know about Puppy Cake?

A: We use all human grade ingredients and all of our products are made in the USA and are all natural. We are expanding into Canada soon as well! Also, we donate to rescue organizations, and if there I one thing I want people to do, it is rescue a dog instead of buying a puppy from a breeder!


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With Ruff,

Kaylee, Pet Treater Pack Member

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