What started as a side project grows into national natural dog treat provider 

Is natural really better when it comes to the food we eat and the food and treats we feed our pets? It has been shown that certain ingredients can cause digestive upset and other health problems, which is why Exclusively Pet focuses on providing high quality USA made, natural dog treats to small and large stores nationwide, along with directly to their customers.  And they have been for 20 years, making them one of the very first companies to focus on USA made treats! 

Danielle is a marketing expert for Exclusively Pet, and we had the chance to talk with her and understand a little more about Exclusively Pet.  

Q: As the marketing person for Exclusively Pet, what is a day in the life of Danielle like?

A: My day is broken into different types of work. I work in marketing and sales, so part of what I am doing on a daily basis is processing and checking on orders, managing social media and making sure our customers are happy. The other side is the creative side, where I am working with designers to create and design new products and packaging. 

Q: Which part is your favorite?

A: I would definitely say that the creative side is my favorite thing! I have always been interested in the arts and focused on graphic and digital design in college.  I am also a huge dog lover, so this love for art and dogs combined is a perfect match for Exclusively Pet. 

Q: What kind of dog do you have?

A: I have an Italian Greyhound! We get to bring our dogs to work one day in June every year, and that is definitely the best day of the year! 

Q: That is amazing that you have found a career path that fulfills multiple passions in that way! Are the owners/founders, Larry and Bob, still involved on a day to day basis?

A: YES! Bob works directly with all of us on the team and Larry is still involved as well. Bob helps come up with new treat flavors. He most recently came up with Cranberry & Carrot, and we developed a new edition to our Harvest Blends line in the flavor Cranberry Carrot. It fits great into the Harvest Blends line because we have other fall flavor : Sweet potato! 

Q: So, how did this start? Did it start with a large infusion of capital as a large project or was it a small idea that grew?

A: This started as a side project for the founders.  They were both interested in creating and formulating their own dog treats, and it was the perfect opportunity to work together to do that.  The company has grown rapidly to a nationally recognized and loved brand! Bob and Larry started the company off with the idea of having really creative, fun flavors that resembled people food. They wanted something unique, comical and something that people could relate to. This idea really makes our company successful today and helps push our natural flavors & ingredients especially when people can relate the the flavors and know if they eat it, why shouldn’t their dog too?!  We still base all our ideas on this founding concept. 

Q: Even with fun companies like Exclusively Pet, there are stressful days. How do you all, as a team, cope with stress internally?

A: We focus on prioritizing what is most important and getting those things done first. We also always have our main priority as customer happiness! We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and this is our main focus now matter what else is going on! 

Q: Tell me about the first treats that were created by Exclusively Pet and how they have progressed.

A: We started with a cookie line that is made in the USA and is completely Kosher, which sets us apart! We then started making a wheat, corn and soy free treat line and also moved into a grain free line. The Barking Bus is one of our most unique cookie items which Larry was a huge part in developing. The first version was yellow  and we updated it to give it a more modern feel back in 2013. Our Fido’s Food Truck is a great spin off, with a Grain- Free treat inside. This really shows how we have grown as a company, working with old ideas and creating new ones based on those ideas. 

Q: You all work with a lot of large companies. What is it like forming those relationships?

A: We meet a lot of people through trade shows where we can connect with like minded companies and also form relationships that lead to others! 

Q: What is your favorite thing to do with you dog outside of work?

A: Go to the dog park! My dog is super fast and it is so fun to watch him run around and chase other dogs . 

Q: Does Exclusively Pet donate to charities and shelter organizations?

A: Yes! A few places we’ve donated to recently: 

WI Humane Society – Milwaukee Campus

WI Sheltie Rescue who supports a ton of other shelters like Chesapeake Bay Retriever Rescue, The Labrador Connection, and Mt Liebe German Shepherd Rescue! 

Central Pennsylvania Australian Cattle Dog Club – Auction Event 


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