This year and every year on the 22nd of April (this past Saturday), the whole world stands together and unites to celebrate Earth Day, where events take place and awareness is raised about how we can all take up on our responsibilities towards taking better care of the environment we live in. I am sure your social feeds were filled with posts and pictures about marches for science and environmental friendliness as people shared their own personal experiences.

We’ve all heard over a million times about the bad habits we have that are causing damage to the environment around us, but did you know that your dog can be causing just as much damage if not even worse?

And, as you’ll see in this infographic, this is certainly no laughing matter with more than 70 million dogs existing in good ol’ America alone!

However, the good news in all of this is that starting today, it’s actually very easy for you to take the plunge and become what this infographic calls a “green dog owner”, which is a term that describes a dog owner that’s aware of the environment around them and tries their best to minimize any negative effect they or their dog may have on it.

Check out these tips brought to you by Ultimate Home Life, and let us know of any other tips you may have yourself in the comments section below!



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