Although it may seem like a simple task, leash training a dog can be rather difficult.  Just like a child, dogs have their own personalities and can either be easily trained or, well, just plain difficult. Here are a few pointers to help make your life easier for not only you but your dog as well.



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  • Never make putting your dog on a leash an unpleasant experience for your dog. Your dog should always feel comfortable around the leash, so don’t discipline your dog harshly when first starting leash training.



  • Always reward good behavior and progress. Just like anything else, if your pup does well reward with much praise and the occasional treat.


  • Take small walks to begin training your dog, occasionally pulling on the leash when your dog pulls on the leash.


  • Try to walk your dog on a leash when he/she is tired out. They will be less tempted to run and pull.


  • Always walk in front of your dog while he/she is on a leash. It shows that you are dominant.


  • Last but not least, have lots of patience with your dog and always show lots of love.


Best of luck, and by all means, don’t break a leg!



With ruff,


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