As a monthly dog box, Pet Treater is always excited about unique and high quality items that can be added to the box to make all of our pack members wag with happiness! When talking about quality, one of our treats that comes to mind are the handmade dog treats from Emmy’s Gourmet Canine Creations.  If you are a Pet Treater subscriber, you will recognize these treats from past boxes! 

Based out of Knoxville, TN and owned and operated by Emily, Emmy’s has been around for almost 5 years.  We did an interview with Emily to share with you an inside look at the business that creates these custom delicious dog treats that will have your dog drooling and obeying! 

Meet Emily in her kitchen!

Emily, How did you find yourself owning a dog treat company in Knoxville?

Well, its a funny story.  I always wanted a Kitchenaid mixer, but I had never been able to spend the $300-$500 on one.  Then, on my 65 birthday, my friends went in together and bought me one! I thought to myself, “well, I cannot just start making a bunch of cookies and cakes, like I would like to since I would most DEFINITELY eat them all and gain weight.” My friends suggested I make dog treats, since we all have dogs, and I thought that was a really good idea.  

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How do you come up with your recipes?

In the beginning, I started looking at dog treat ingredient lists, and I would alter them to come up with a custom recipe. This is how I came up with all of my original recipes that I use! 

What is the most popular dog treat with your canine customers? 

The 3 cheese recipe is always a most popular, and lately the big item has been the new Liver Snax. These liver snax are made with grass fed beef liver that I get from local farmers. I then dehydrate and grind the liver and incorporate into the treats! The dogs absolutely love them, and organ meat is super healthy for the dogs as well, so that is an added benefit!. 

These are a pup favorite! Made with grass fed beef liver.

You mentioned that you and your friends all have dogs. What kind of dogs do you have?

I have a poodle and Jack Russels, which is kind of a funny combination, but it works! They know when to leave each other alone, and they communicate with each other pretty well. One of my pups was rescued, and I have benefited just as much as she has! 

You mentioned rescuing your pup. Are there other ways that you donate to the shelter and dog adoption community?

Yes! I am involved in an ongoing joint venture where we donate to Young Williams Animal Shelter. I have partnered with Rita’s Italian Ice. I make treats, and they are sold in the Knoxville location with a portion of all profits going to Young Williams! 

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Do you think humans benefit from having dogs?

Well, they say not to compare dogs to people’s children, but they do become family.  Dogs, like children, aren’t able to express and communicate their needs in words, but they use other subtle forms of communication to tell us what they need. This teaches us to listen and to communicate better as humans. 

How many treats are enough/too many?

Treats do not supplant food in the dog’s diet.  Dogs should be fed high quality food, and treats should be used to train, reward and create incentive for your pup. They are great for house training as well! I do have the caloric count on all of my treats. If you have questions about a specific treat and how much is the right amount to give your dog, please reach out, and I can give you that specific information. 

These trainer treats are great for house training and behavior improvement!

You have mentioned quality a couple of times. Do you see quality of ingredients as a main focus in your treats? 

YES! Quality is super important and can help prevent unnecessary vet bills.  I use human grade ingredients in all of my treats, and I even have 3 flavors of grain free treats available! 

Monkey Chips are made with garbanzo bean flour, banana and peanut butter!

Connect with Emmy’s Gourmet Canine Creations on Facebook and see the weekly dog parade, which includes amazing photos of all of the pups that come through the store.


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