Love to travel but hate leaving part of your family at home? (and no I’m not talking about your second cousin or that annoying mother-in-law). I’m talking about your four- legged company that is always there for you.

Contrary to popular beliefs, large or metropolitan cities are extremely pet friendly! Here’s a list of 10 dog friendly cities and a few parks specifically devoted to your four-legged pal

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  1. New York, NY
  • Leroy Street Dog Park
  • West 72nd Street Dog Run
  • Central Park
  1. Phoenix, AZ
  • Echo Mountain Off Leash Arena at Grovers Basin
  • RJ Dog Park at Pecos Park
  • Paradise Valley Dog Park
  1. Minneapolis, MN
  • Minnehaha Park
  • Elm Creek Reserve Dog Park
  • Bloomington Dog Park
  1. Chicago, IL
  • Jackson Bark
  • Chopin Dog Park
  • Winnemac Park
  1. Albuquerque, N.M
  • Rio Grande Triangle Park
  • Westgate Community Dog Park
  • Los Altos Park
  1. San Francisco, CA
  • Fort Funston
  • Ocean Beach
  • Crissy Field Park
  1. Austin, TX
  • Red Bull Isle
  • Metropolitan Park At Walnut Creek
  • Mary Moore Searight Metro Park
  1. Denver, CO
  • Lowry Dog Park
  • Earthdog Denver
  • Kennedy Dog Park
  1. San Diego, CA
  • Dusty Rhodes Off-Leash Dog Park
  • Doyle Community and Dog Park
  • Nate’s Point Off-Leash Dog Park
  1. Portland, OR
  • Sellwood Riverfront Park
  • Mt. Tabor Park
  • Chimney Park


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