Many states across the nation are gearing up for some winter weather, or have been receiving record high snow falls already! This is a great time to point out that, pets get cold too! While there are many breeds of dogs that are cold loving, they still need a warm place to come into after a little time outside. We don’t suggest keeping them outside during extreme colds, even with shelters and blankets. Spoil them a little if they’re normally outside, and create a warm place for them to sleep while old man winter brings on the cold!

Here are some cuties that know all about staying warm!

Outside? No thanks!

This is my winter face….

The cold never bothered me anyway….when I’m in boots and a parka.

Winter plans: Hot chocolate and naps!

Go play in the snow they said….it’ll be fun they said….

This parka is PURRRfect!


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