Feel Good Friday: Fun Facts About Black Cats

Published by Miranda on

Black cats have got a bad reputation over the years…and we’re here to set the record straight. These black beauties are just as lovable and cuddly and cute as all of their fellow feline friends! Black cats aren’t just a witches best friend, but they’re ours too!

Facts about black cats!

  1. In many cultures they are considered LUCKY. In Asia black cats are looked at as very lucky creatures, and in return you are lucky to own one!
  2. There is only one recognized cat breed whose only acceptable color is black. This is the Bombay breed!
  3. They typically have YELLOW eyes. This is due to melanism.
  4. They were believed to be the choice of witches because their black fur was easily hidden in the darkness of night!
  5. The black gene is dominant, however the dominate PATTERN is tabby. So to get a cute little black kitten, two dominant black color genes have to be present in order to overpower the tabby pattern!
  6. As they age, their fur can turn white…just like us aging humans!

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