Even though it’s officially Fall, it still feels a bit like summer in most areas right now. We’re all patiently waiting for the cooler weather, so we can break out our boots, jackets, and beanies. These animals are a step ahead of us, and patiently waiting for the cold weather to arrive…

“I’m ready for hot catnip tea and napping weather!”

“Just preparing for the cold, don’t mind me.”

“I know I look cute, but….it’s not cold yet.”

“Fashion forward for fall”

“Cat burrito is the best way to stay warm!”

“Is it cold yet?!”

“I’m ready for the cold human. Bring it to me.”

“But….but….I want to play in the cold!”

“I’m adorable, I know.”

“What do you mean it’s too hot for this outfit?!”

“Snug as a cat in 3 blankets”

What’s your favorite way to keep warm (once it finally gets cold)?

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