Feel Good Friday: Rain Rain Go Away!

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April showers are here! I’ll be the first to say I love a good nap on a rainy day, but if you have to be out and about in the rain….it’s just not fun. Running errands becomes something nightmares are made of.

Rainy Day Feelings:

“What the?! Rain NINJAS?”

Rain is sneaky. You’ll check the radar and there won’t be a cloud for miles….but as soon as you step out, here it comes to literally rain on your parade.

“Someone call the fashion police!”

That cute outfit you wanted to wear is now covered up by a vinyl poncho. No one looks good in a vinyl poncho…..no one.

“Not today rain….not today.”

You just sit and stare out the window thinking about how you just don’t wanna go out. You want to stay inside where it’s warm and DRY. *insert whiny adult temper tantrum here*


You’ll do just about anything to save your new do from getting soaked. Plastic bags are your new best friend. Who cares if you look silly….those $100 highlights and perfect blowout are safe and sound.

“Avoid water puddles.”

You might see kids splashing around in mud puddles for fun. Want to know what’s NOT fun? When you are in nice slacks and dress shoes and think you are stepping in a shallow puddle…only to find out it’s a knee deep hole of LIES!

“I’m NOT a happy camper!”

When you finally make it home after getting caught out in the unexpected rain….you look defeated. The rain won. The only way to recover is a with a hot shower and a long nap. Next time you’ll remember your umbrella or better yet….you’ll just stay home.

Happy Friday!

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