Feel Good Friday: Our Week As Told By PUPPIES

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The work week is long! Too long really.  These puppies GIFs illustrate the feelings we have during the week in the cutest way possible.


Maybe you had TOO much fun on Saturday….or maybe you’re just really dreading Monday morning. Sunday is the day of long showers, silent sobs, and questioning your life choices.

MONDAY:Simply put…WE’RE TIRED. The wonderful weekend has gone too fast, and here we are… mentally and physically drained. Our Monday thoughts consist of how we need more coffee, and a nap as soon as we get home from work.

TUESDAY:It’s here. The LONGEST day of the week. Sure, you are one day closer to Friday…but something happens on a Tuesday and time ticks EXTRA slow. You’ll be sitting at work thinking 3 hours have passed since the last time you checked the clock, only to look and see it’s been a MINUTE. Really time? REALLY?! Don’t do us like that. Tuesdays make you feel like you’ll never make it to Wednesday, and you’ll be stuck at work forever.


You’re almost over that hump. The rest of the week will be smooth sailing….if you can just make it through today. #wegotthis


One more day and then it’s Friday. You keep telling yourself that you are so close to the weekend! You’re giddy with excitement, but you try to play it cool and not show HOW excited you are.


The clock strikes 5:00 and it’s a race between co-workers to see who can get to the door first. Forget all things WORK. The goal for today is to get out of there AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.


Let the shenanigans begin! This glorious day has the best of both worlds. You can sleep in late and then stay up all night! A time for FRIENDS and FUN! Or spend all day napping…whatever you pick is a day well spent! We love you Saturday!

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