Dogs Improve your Child’s Life; 4 Benefits of your child having a dog

April 23rd, 2018
By Kaylee Hamar

Top ways dogs contribute to a better and more well rounded life for kids; why your kid is right when they ask for that pet!

Have you ever noticed your dog reading your emotions and coming to comfort you?  Dogs are super intelligent in a different way than humans. Being domesticated animals, they bridge the gap between the human world and the more “wild” world. This is one reason why they make such amazing companions to children. Dr. Nicole Apelian is a wilderness living and survival instructor and shares some top reasons dogs are great companions for children:


“Dogs protect and sense trouble in a different way. In the mornings, especially in winter, it is dark and my kids need to walk down our very long wooded driveway to the school bus,” Dr. Nicole explains. “With animals in the area, like mountain lions and bears, it is safer for my kids to be walked down by a dog that can alarm and even scare off larger predators.”

Self Esteem:

“When a child cares for an animal, their self esteem and confidence is boosted. The dog is a direct representation and reflection of the child’s impact on the world around them.”

Handling Death and Gaining Empathy:

“Most of the time, a child experiences the death of a pet before they experience the death of a human in their life.” This can help them process their emotions and start to understand the larger meaning of life, and in return be more prepared for other life events down the road.


“Children that are exposed to dirt, dander and allergens growing up are less likely to develop allergies when they get older. Dogs can help with this!”

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