We hate to leave our fur babies, we miss them, and we can’t to return home to them. But, sometimes we have to leave. So, how can we keep those cats entertained when we are not home? I mean normally, they really could not care if we are there or not, but sometimes, when the fur parents are away, the CATS WILL PLAY….so let’s help them out! Play time is important for your cats. The cats in the wild do it for training purposes and while domesticated, they still have those same instincts and needs!

 Fish Tank Fun:

While we do not want the cat to have full access to the fish, a well contained and secure fish tank (no way for the cat to knock it over), can keep your feline content for hours (and yourself too). Fish are super relaxing to watch!

A Room with a View:

Cats are drawn to the outside world. They love to be in elevated places with tons of sun if possible. if you do not have a high place, or a second floor, you can make one. Install a safe and secure shelf or move a piece of furniture like a bookshelf close to the window so they have a good view while you’re at work.

Paper and Paper Bags:

The crinkling sound of paper and it’s ability to change shape makes for an engaging, low cost material that your cat will just love. Hide them in spots they can “hunt and find” them in, little bags, crumpled up pieces, open ones to crawl into. They will love them. (If your cat has an issue eating paper and things, we say this is a no go when you are not home with them!)

Cat specific furniture

  • Scratching posts
  • Scratching bench
  • Cat trees

You can make the furniture yourself, or find some online, or at a local vendor that makes things. Cat trees are super neat, they can include a combination of scratching posts, jungle gym, hidey holes and a host of other features.

Cardboard boxes:

Good old-fashioned cardboard boxes. I mean who doesn’t have a million of those around from all the shopping we do online! Cut some holes out of them for easy travel though, leave the top open for jumping in and out of the box, etc.

Other Feline Friends:

Well, this is a real no brainer. Two is always better than one, well most days anyways. Get your feline a furiend to make the days better for them and you!

Video courtesy of Everything Cats and Kittens

We love our felines and we want them to be spoiled with love too!

Visit us at Pet Treater and spoil them with a Pet Treater subscription, or a friend of yours you know that has some sweet pets.

Many purrs and barks,

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