Well, we know that the cats are the masters of their own domain and really only need you when, well…..when they need you. But, we still need to make sure these highly efficient and independent fur babies stay hydrated. July is National Pet Hydration Month and we know that it can get hot out there and even inside! So let’s get this hydration started!

Courtesy of The Crazy Cats

Remember: Cats can be one of the worst culprits of the animal kingdom for keeping hydrated; this explains why you may find it difficult to get them to drink as much water as your dog or any other water-loving pet.  They are also prone to UTIs more, so water is VITAL for them!

  1. Dry food is great, but add in wet food to the diet (vet approved diet changes first please). This will encourage healthy eating and allow for some sneaky hydration. Some vets say no to wet food: so add some water to the dry to mix it up!
  2. If a fountain bowl is all it takes to get your cat to drink more water, then why not? Go on the search for some great water fountain bowls, there are many to choose from.
  3. Let’s play water bowl: have many water bowls around the house for the cat to utilize, they are more prone to do it if they are around the house more….creatures of habit and all! Keep the water CLEAN!
  4. You can add flavoring to the water, natural is best. Tuna flavoring, from water-based tuna cans is a great choice. Remember this is to add flavor not calories! Be mindful and remember to only flavor with natural healthy flavors your cat can have safely. Beef broth is another good one, but again less is more!
  5. Felines like the cat nip: and if you’re looking to improve his or her water consumption without calorie increase, cold catnip tea is definitely worth looking into.  Simply mix some loose catnip into fresh clean water and watch your cat drink it up. Do this daily and your cat will stay as hydrated as possible. 
Drinking it UP!
Many vets will tell you that cats are hard to keep hydrated, this helps lead to urinary track infections and sometimes diabetes. Keep in mind if your cat is OVER DRINKING and/or throwing up after eating, then they could be showing signs of diabetes or other illnesses…..it is best to be actively watching your fur babies and know them and their behaviors.

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