We know this is a crazy thing to think about. But really, what if your pets had usable thumbs? First and foremost, take away those PHONES!

What are some things they may do? Let us count on all our fingers, thumbs and toes and see!

  • Text you unmercifully–will they ever end? Let’s be real, the feline will have zero patience for your response and the pup will be so excited, so expect 586 per day, on average!
  • Surf the net for the real important stuff: “who has been a good boy”, “who wants a treat”, “why does some poop taste better than others”, “how to get rid of the dog and remain the boss of the house”, and the list goes on, we can only imagine all the searches you would find in your history!
  • Online shopping is Pawesome RIGHT? Better hide that credit card and cancel that Prime account, these fur babies are on a mission, shop, buy and own! “Where did this 200 lbs of treats come from?”
  • Let me take a selfie-Oh the shameless photo ops and never-ending hashtags #myownerdidntwalkmeeither #lazyhumanpics #boopmyhumansnose. Not only their photo ops, but ours too!!!
  • Give a thumbs up!-The old stand by–a thumbs up! Just imagine driving down the road and seeing a big thumbs up from the back of a pick-up truck!
  • Drive a truck, car, big rig! Watch those roads and better ramp up on the insurance, your fur babies are hitting the road! One cat on the gas pedal, one dog on the gear shift, and one cat at the wheel! Hold On!!!!
  • Steal the milk right off the table? When the cat has thumbs, they lead the pack, join a gang, and overtake the kitchen table! No joke!
Courtesy of Mister Tibbs

NATIONAL IF YOUR PET HAD THUMBS DAY, it is a real day and real darn funny we think!!!

Give your pet something to use their thumbs for: Cool Treats for Dogs from The Bear and The Rat!

Find them in the freezer sections at: Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, Publix. Look for coupons in the upcoming March Spring Break box this month and enjoy some sweet treats!

As always, many purrs and barks!

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