February is National Pet Dental Month and is sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) as a subtle reminder to keep an eye on Fido’s and Fluffy’s teeth.

Of course, this needs to be a daily work in progress. Having recently visited Prince’s vet and getting his 6-month check up and teeth cleaning, we know that it is imperative that we take care of their choppers.

Looking at some of the degenerative teeth diseases they can get, it is really sad to see their quality of life go down because they cannot chew their own food or the pain the mouth can give them with gum disease, sensitive teeth, surgery, etc.

Eighty (80) percent of dogs and seventy (70) percent of cats have some kind of oral disease by the age of 3!!

  • Pets with developing gingivitis and periodontal diseases often paw at their faces or mouths frequently, have excessive drool, and may also exhibit unwillingness to eat harder foods. Typically, “bad breath”, yellowing of teeth, and gum spotting are other signs.
  • Believe it or not, a soft bristled standard finger tooth brush or soft bristled pet tooth brush can definitely help keep your dog’s and cat’s teeth going strong.
  • “Unfortunately, only about one percent of pet owners brush their pets’ teeth,” explains Academy of Veterinary Dentistry President Dr. Brook A. Niemic.
  • Your veterinarian may recommend a professional teeth cleaning for your dog or cat once or twice a year or as needed. We personally pay monthly on a pet program via Banfield Pet Hospital to help cover the expense every 6 months, as it really isn’t cheap to do these preventative cleanings and check-ups! But it is well worth it to us!

Remember to contact your pet’s veterinarian before beginning or changing any routine with your fur baby. We found a form to help with your pet’s dental care, this should help you track and understand what needs to be done!

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Here’s to a long and healthy life for your fur babies!

With many purrs, barks, and white chompers,

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