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Purrific “tails” in The Original Cat Bible, by Sandy Robins

 The Original Cat Bible, the ultimate resource for cat owners and lovers

From the Editors of Cat Fancy Magazine

Believe it or not having a cat bible is beyond useful and so purractical! I love the idea of learning the ins and outs of your feline fur baby and to gather insight from experts and other fellow cat lovers is just pawesome!

The Definitive Source for All Things Cat:

Often, in this day and age, a picture tells a thousand words, or so we like to think. With The Original Cat Bible, there is a history lesson included on top of all the other goodies! This gives us some insight to our amazing feline babies: from domestication to understanding of the development of pure breeds, all the way to anatomy and genetics of felines.

We love the trivia and fun enclosed within the cover of this wealth of knowledge “bible”! This book will appeal to the novice feline parent to the avid and most discerning connoisseur of all things great, mighty and feline divine! Basically, there is something in here for everyone!

A particular section of Traveling with Your Cat, is amazing. It speaks of being prepared for travel, identification of your pet, vaccinations, pet friendly places to travel, overall safety involved in travel and the fun for the entire family! Honestly, there are things in there I never even thought to do!

This insightful book describes 48 breeds of cats, including lesser known breeds. It includes descriptions and history on all of them!

We take from this awesome book, publication by @foxChapelPublishing, a further look into the history of our pawesome feline babies and really garner an even deeper appreciation for the world of cats and all the fun they bring into our family!

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