“People who love cats have some of the biggest hearts around”

-Susan Easterly

4 Tips to Help Manage the Household with Multiple Cats:

Feeding Time Can Be Peaceful!
  1. Firstly, let’s remember to ENJOY our cats.
    • Are they your fur babies: YES.
    • Do they require attention and nurturing: YES.
    • Can it get stressful at times: YES.
    • But, what does all this mean? It means like with any children, treasure the love, the purrs, the cuddles (when you can get them) and celebrate the victories–hey they actually played instead of having a fight today!
  2. Yeah, let us talk about those LITTER BOXES (check out Omega Paw Roll’N Clean) to give you a helping paw!
    • Multiple cats: multiple odors, multiple cat boxes; equals money, cleaning, time!
    • KEEP THEM CLEAN–they will use it more and you will appreciate the odor or lack there of more.
    • Actively work on any potty training issues separately so there is safety in learning for any that may be struggling.
    • Keep the boxes in a quiet place, not busy foot traffic area–they need privacy too!
  3. DO NOT share the food bowl….do you want to be sharing your food plate with everyone in the household/restaurant?
    • Different areas and different bowls please–we do not need to see the survival of the fittest cats in your kitchens!
    • Cats can be very territorial! S P R E A D them out!
  4. Give them space, not Outer-Space this time, but space just the same.
    • Get a great cat tree that appeals to the masses (Penn-Plax Cat Furniture)….this is usually a great way for them to spend the day and gives space and exercise too!
video via Jackson Galaxy

I have found with most cat lovers, that the fur babies tend to multiply. It is almost ironic considering how cats tend to like their own space and they can be very territorial.

That being said, cats are amazing and the more the merrier, especially if you can get all your paws in a row and find that system that works for you!

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As Always many purrs and paws,

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