We are continuing our mission of finding those amazing rescues and sharing the good news with you!

“Rescue is hard….a rescuer’s most selfless quality is to make room for another, regardless of how it hurts to say goodbye.”


Purrs-n-Pups: Animal Rescue Team, Inc.

As advocates for pets and pets parents, we at Pet Treater are so amazed when we run into individuals that just give for the sake of giving….that love just because it is the right thing to do!

Our ambassador program here at Pet Treater is more than just posting to social media and giving away free stuff (but WE LOVE to give away free stuff–don’t worry we won’t stop that!). It is also a way to meet different people from all walks of life with a similar mindset: the LOVE of PETS!

Life is good when you have friends that give back to you!

Amanda Page, a strong ambassador for pets and a Pet Treater Ambassador, is excited to share with us how she gets to foster many pets and change the lives of not only the sweet pets, but the pet parents too. Amanda comes to Purrs-n-Pups with the willingness to serve, she has been unofficially/but kind of officially deemed the Volunteer Donation Coordinator for the lack of a better title–and she carries her responsibility with happiness and dedication. She strives to benefit these pets and even shares her Ambassador Pet Treater boxes with all the fosters she loves! With all her free time she contacts businesses and potential partnerships to support Purrs-n-Pups mission. She is also an amazing foster parent to many of these adoptable and loving pets and we thank her for this!

Purrs-n-Pups is a volunteer based, not-for-profit, non-shelter based animal rescue located in North New Jersey. They are a mobile rescue, but they get the job done! Often they can be found at Pet Smart in Wayne, New Jersey asking for you to “adopt not shop” for a sweet fur baby!

If local to this New Jersey area, think about fostering for this amazing foundation! If not local, look up rescue foundations and participate if you have the room and the heart to spare–it makes all the difference.

THE NON-statistics are alarming:

National euthanasia statistics are difficult to pinpoint because animal care and control agencies are not uniformly required to keep statistics on the number of animals taken in, adopted, euthanized or reclaimed. This is an issue, if there is no accountability, how do we show improvement and standards???

LOVE LOVE LOVE – Amanda’s Fosters

We are thankful for all the non-profits that go above and beyond what one can expect–but really, shouldn’t we all expect to help those sweet animals; they cannot help that they are homeless. Remember: spay and neuter, it is the right thing to do and helps prevent unnecessary homelessness in pets/animals.

For more info on Purrs-n-Pups and how you can help, visit and like them on Facebook at Purrs-n-Pups, they have a list of scheduled events. Donations are more then welcome and you can reach them through Facebook messenger to do this.

We thank our ambassadors for all the many things they do for us here at Pet Treater: support us, share us, and allow us to treat them and others. Amanda Page is a true ambassador for animals….AND she will continue to have a “tail” to share for generations to come!

With many purrs and paws,

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