Let’s be honest, we can include our sweet felines in the swimming category, but most simply don’t do it! Now, as for the infamous “Doggie Paddle” well, let’s bring on the stars of that show!
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Personally, in our home we find nothing sweeter and more loving then when our precious puppy swims to us! In fact, that is known as the “day my husband first fell in love with our puppy” when he saw him swim for the first time to him. To see your doggie trust you enough to swim towards you and just enjoy it too, well, that is one sweet deal!

Pool and Swimming Safety:

To all of us it probably seems second nature for a dog to swim like a pro….well actually it is. Dogs are natural swimmers, so once they get used to being in the water, they’ll be able to move themselves around and very easily too!

But, just as with your “hooman” child you should introduce some safety rules for your fur baby. As The Dog People have so kindly shared with us pet parents, we have included the brief list of BASICS, below:

  1. Teach your Dog to Swim: Wait you just told me they are natural born swimmers…..well so are infant babies, but they will eventually need direction too! As a first step, the American Kennel Club(AKC) recommends that you carry him/her into the pool and lower into the water gently. Now, again some dogs already instinctively know and just go for it! Either way, praise your baby for a “splash” well done!
  2. Get him/her familiar with your pool/lake/swimming area: Practice in the water with him/her–they trust you and if you are comfortable, they will be too!
  3. Ensure a safe route for an exit: Most dogs love routine, so give him/her a standard exit route. Allow him/her to enter from multiple places, but ensure they understand how to safely exit, EVERY TIME.
  4. Comfortable in the water: Just as with us “hoomans” we need to feel comfort in the water, you be comfortable and they will too. But make sure to encourage and reassure if they seem iffy. Always try over again, there is comfort in consistency!
  5. Always supervise: Again, they are amazing swimmers but they get tired and unsure too. Allow them security in seeing you there.


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Above all else, this is a great time for fun in the sun! And, again, if you want to try and get your kitty all wet….be our guest, but good luck! As for your sweet pooch, with some love and support–they got this and you will find you have a new water “baby”.

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