Laura Moss, founder of Adventure Cats, shares easy ways to start training and adventuring with your kitty!


You have seen dogs hiking, but have you seen a hiking cat? I actually did for the first time this weekend. The cat was leashed and was on the trail with the owners, just like its pup brother. It is likely you will see this more and more as more information is available on how to train your kitty and take them on adventures!

In 2015, Laura Moss, outdoor adventurer and cat lover, was talking to her husband about how she wished there was a resource for information about getting your cat outside. His response was, “I will build you a website if you would like to start one.” This was the ah-ha moment and the beginning of Adventure Cats, an online resource for leash and click training your cat, taking your cat outside, and even hiking and camping with your furry friend.


After years of researching, writing and testing these training techniques on her own cats, Laura is an expert and has shared how you can start small at home getting your cat more mental engagement, more exercise and more fun without having to set your cat loose outside! Some cat owners have indoor/outdoor cats while others, like Laura, feel more comfortable taking specific precautions with outdoor time.  All of these help maintain a healthy weight in your cat as well as keeping their spirits high and avoiding depression, which is common in indoor cats.

Top Ways to Start Training your Cat at Home and Adventuring Outside:

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  • Take indoor adventures:

Set up Cat TV by installing a bird feeder outside the window and buy toys that offer mental stimulation, like feather wands and puzzle feeders. Check out this article on how to enrich the indoor cat’s life: Here is another article on indoor adventures:

  • Leash Train Inside:

Getting your cat comfortable on a leash can be tricky, and inside time is often a better place to start. This allows them to get comfortable with one new variable vs. two if they are not accustomed to be outdoors. Here is a step –by-step guide:

  • Set up a Catio:

This is a great way to allow a no quite adventure cat to get outside and experience the wild outdoors from a safe place. Check out this article from Adventure Cats on how to get started:

  • Use a Cat Stroller or Backpack:

This is not for everyone, but it is a great, and safe way to experience the outdoors with your, plus you get some exercise! NO sure what backpack to get? Here is some guidance:

  • Go on Adventures Outside:

This article takes you from step one to getting all the way outside on an actual adventure with your cat:


Want to learn more? Check out the website and also the book!  Already taking your cat on adventures? Share the photos by tagging #Adventurecats or @AdventureCatsorg on Instagram

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