Have you been to a big box pet store lately? I could not believe the prices on the items hanging up, from toys to treats and wellness products.  Honestly, how are people affording these ticket prices? Life is expensive, and the last thing you need is to break the bank just because you love your dog or cat and want him or her to feel special.

FINALLY, there is a cost-effective way to buy pet products!

You have heard of the subscription model, but this takes it to a whole new level. Pet Treater, a long time dog box company, now offers low cost options so that every pet owner can treat their dog or cat to the treat, toys and accessories they deserve.

So, if you would pay $20+ on a single toy from a big box store, would you pay $12.99 on a bag of items for your pet? They are the same high quality items, for WAY less!

How do we do it?

We offer these discounted prices because you are buying the items along with thousands of other pet owners’ items.  When we buy for all of you at the same time, we get better pricing. Instead of jacking up the prices and filling our pockets, we pass those savings along to you! That is how it works, and that is how you can save BIG on pet products. PLUS, we have extra discounts for your first month.

Visit the Cat Pack product page:http://pettreater.com/catpack/


Visit the Dog Box- Mini product page: http://pettreater.com/dogboxmini/


Coupon codes will appear for you at checkout, and you can apply them there!

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