Most Cost Effective way to Buy Cat Treats and Cat Toys; Cat Goodie Box

When it comes to loving your pet, you may initially think of playing, snuggling, feeding, petting, and other ways of showing love. But, the truth is, loving a pet includes getting them toys and treats every now and then.  The every now and then part is probably determined by you “pet love” budget.  We get it! It is not always possible to hit up the big box store for the newest toys and treats unless you have a good chunk of change sitting around.


What if I told you that you could have toys, treats, accessories and more for your cat every month, delivered to your house? AND, the kicker… you only have to spend $12.99!


Pet Treater’s Cat Pack is seriously the best way to buy cat treats, toys and accessories.  As a subscription for cats, it provides everything you need without the inconvenience or high dollar prices of going to the store (or even buying individual items online).


What you can expect with the Cat Pack:


Every month, around the 10th, you will receive an adorable teal bag, covered with fun artwork, on your doorstep. You will smile and call your kitty over to see what it is.  Your cat will perk up, look at you reluctantly, and, depending on what kind of mood he/she is in, will either make his/her way over to you with caution, or roll over, ignore you and secretly go explore all of the goodies with delight later.  Either way, you cat is going to be super stoked and love you EVEN more! From the catnip cat toys to the high quality cat treats and the cat decals that will make you giggle each month, you will be the happiest cat owner around!

So, is a subscription for cats something you should check out? DUH! Yes!! It’s the absolute best and most fun thing for cats and their owners out there.


Try it today, and checkout the coupon code at checkout:

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