The top 5 books that should be in every cat owner’s library!

There is nothing like snuggling up with a cat AND a book about cats. It is like a fur sammy with an extra cherry on top.  Call it day, grab a warm blanket or a hammock to hang somewhere in the sun, and get to the real business, relaxing and smiling!


Here are our top picks for the best books for people who love cats:

  • Im Not Sorry, Poems By Cats  By: Rosa Silva 

    Rosa, the author of  “Stop Meowing and Go the F*ck to Sleep” has done it again with her second book.

    You know those moments when you cat does the most adorable thing, or the weirdest thing and you just really wish you could share it with someone.  Next time you see your friends, you tell them the story, only to receive blank stares. You immediately regret trying to convey the level of cute that this moment was. Well, Rosa, a cat lover and creator of “Cat Lady Confidential” has written this book for you. You can share in the moments with every other cat owner from your couch.  Enjoy the book that celebrates the daily behavior of your furry family member and best friend.

  •  Fat Cat Art  By Svetlana Petrova

    You know all of the times that you have looked at wonderful artwork and thought, “Well, its beautiful, but where is the cat?” Or perhaps, you constantly notice what would be improved with a cat on it. This is going to be a good book for you! Classic art pieces enhanced by the tasteful addition of a ginger kitty, and a plump one at that. It just doesn’t get any better.

  •  I Could Pee on This By Francesco Marciuliano

    Renowned author, Marciuliano, is one not to miss! Written from inside the mind of a cat, you will surely get a good laugh from this one! The poems will come to mind when you see your cats quirky behavior, and you will smirk and feel all warm and fuzzy!

  • Catification  By Jackson Galaxy 

    Ever feel like you are sacrificing your whole house for your cat? Or maybe you sacrifice your style when it comes to your furry family member? Maybe your cat is misbehaving and it is really stemming from not feeling at home or like it has it’s own space.  This New York Times bestseller shows you how to make your home cat friendly while also maintaining style and functionality. Not only will your home be more comfortable and suited for you and your cats, your cat will be happier. This book also houses lots of knowledge about your cat like the inside scoop on their hiding places. Also check out his first book “Cat Daddy.”

  • A Street Cat Named Bob: And How He Saved My Life  By James Bowen 

    This true story of the amazing magic that a cat can add to your life will leave you with chill bumps on your arms and an even deeper love for your cat in your heart.  Living on the streets was not easy for James, and then Bob came into his life, injured, at a time when James thought the last thing he needed was something to take care of. It just feels better to be in this struggle together instead of alone, and that is exactly how James and Bob see each other. I can’t wait for you to read this one!

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