Interactive Cat Toys: Toys for Active Cats

Interactive toys are essential to your cat’s health and overall well being. These toys exercise your cat both physically and mentally. There are a variety of interactive toys to fit your cat’s specific needs. These include toys that require interaction between the cat and their human, battery-powered toys and toys that peak the cat’s interest enough so that they start running around on their own. We put together a list of the best toys that will keep your cat on its toes!

This Treat Maze and Puzzle Feeder by Cat Amazing is a great toy to exercise your cat’s brain! It has three levels of difficulty to challenge your cat. This toy is not just entertaining, it also helps with meal management.


The Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat toy provides a place to scratch and play! This fun toy encourages cats to use their scratchers, which is important to your cat’s overall health. The center can easily be replaced once your cat has torn it up.

This pop-up tunnel encourages your cat’s curious side! Your cat won’t be able to resist this 3 sided tunnel. It has an opening to peek through and an opening with an attached ball to play with. It easily folds up for compact storage.

Human and Cat interactive toys

These are the toys require human interaction. Actively playing with your cat is pertinent to both their physical and mental health. These fun toys allow you to bond with your cat while they exercise.


Laser pointers are sure to capture your kitty’s attention! Just shine the laser across the room and watch your cat chase it! The light will remain bright thanks to its USB charging capabilities. This fun toy will provide endless entertainment!

Teaser toys are a fun way to play with your cat. Just dangle this feathered wand in front your cat and watch them go crazy! This Catnip teaser comes with five replacement toys to attach to the end. This keeps this toy new and exciting for your furry friend!

Battery Powered Toys

Battery powered toys are great for when your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to break out the toys yourself. These toys will keep your cat entertained and active!

This electronic toy by SmartyKat replicates hidden prey with rapid movement and lights. A wand with a plush toy attached to the end moves under the durable fabric to keep capture your kitty’s attention! This toy caters to your cat’s natural instinct to hunt and is guaranteed to get your cat moving!

This Electric Butterfly Toys by Bascolor is a great interactive toy for cats! It has a sturdy, antiskid base so you don’t have to worry about it overturning during playtime. The rotating butterfly will hold your cat’s attention for hours!

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