Keeping Cats Active: Tips on How to Get Your Lazy Cat Moving


One of the best ways to get a lazy cat on their feet is by breaking out the toys! All cats are different so you might have to try a few different toys to find your cat’s favorites. Laser pointers, feather wand toys, or small catnip mice should do the trick! The key to keeping your cat active is staying active yourself. Interacting with your cat is important to maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle for both of you. If you’re having fun chances are your cat is too!

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in your busy schedule to play with your cats. This is why interactive toys are so great! There’s a huge variety of battery-powered toys that are guaranteed to get your cat moving!

If your cat stays indoors, getting your cat moving with limited space can be tough.  A cat tree is a fun solution! This provides your cat its own space to climb and explore. Cat trees come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your home.


Nothing excites a cat quite like catnip! Just sprinkle some on your cat’s scratching post, favorite toy, or even just on the ground and watch them go crazy! Some cats like to roll around in catnip while others prefer to eat it. Either way, it’s a great way to make playtime even more fun! You can even grow it yourself pretty easily.

Take a Walk

Get your cat a harness and leash to go for a walk! You’ll want to be sure the harness or collar fit well so they won’t be able to wiggle out during your adventure. Using a leash with your cat might take some practice but with a little encouragement your cat should catch on! Cats can be timid, especially in new environments so you may want to find a secluded space to let your cat get comfortable before taking them to a busy park. After your cat is comfortable, the possibilities for exploration are endless! Use your judgment when taking your cat out. Nobody knows your cat better than you!

Positive Reinforcement

After a walk or play session, reward your cat with a healthy treat! Your cat will want to be more active if they know they have a tasty treat waiting for them. Reinforce a healthy lifestyle by picking a treat that is full of the nutrients your cat needs. Incorporating these tips into your routine should help your cat stay happy, healthy, and active!

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