How to keep your furry family member safe during this spooky holiday! 

Halloween is a fun time for people! The costumes offer a way to become something or someone different for a night! Exercising the imagination in costume creation is one of kids’ and adults’ favorite things to do. If you have a furry family member, there are definitely precautions to be taken on Halloween to make sure your dog is safe.


  • Dogs Indoors

Halloween is a time when many kids and adults are out and about walking around and up to your house. This is likely not normal, and if you dog is outside, this can cause anxiety. In addition, with people coming closer to your yard, there is a chance that people may try to mess with, pick on, taunt or touch your dog. This could be a bad combination, so keeping your dog indoors is the safest bet.



  • Dog Treats, Not Candy!

Candy can be extremely toxic to dogs, specifically chocolate. It is important to keep the candy put away or up off of the floor to ensure your pet doesn’t get curious. Have dog treats on hand so that your pup can enjoy the fun of Halloween as well!



  • Identification Please

Even if your pet is inside, make sure that they have their collar and identification tag on! With the foot traffic coming to the door for trick-or-treating, the door will be opening and closing much more regularly, and turning for one sec may result in an escape!



  • Back Away from the Door

To be even safer, make sure your dog is in a place in the house away from the door. This is also more enjoyable for you. You can serve the candy to the children in costumes while not having to worry about your dog escaping or jumping on the kids.



  • Secure the Fire

If you have pumpkins carved with candles in them, be aware that a pet could accidentally knock them over. Make sure these beautiful pieces of holiday art are safely placed away from the pups.



  • Costumes are a PLUS!

Yes, definitely dress your pet up and take them trick-or-treating with your family. However, only do this if you know your dog to be friendly and good with crowds. Keep in mind that there will be lots of weird costumes that may freak your dog out more than normal. So, if you have any doubts, leave fido at home.



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