Honey, the ancient medicine of Hippocrates, may help your dogs health!


Honey has been used for thousands of years as medicine. When left sealed, honey does not spoil, and honey has been found in edible condition in ancient Egyptian tombs.  It has been used for allergies, cuts and burns and even arthritis.  Today, if there is a bad burn that arrives at the ER, most of the time, raw honey will be lathered onto the burn where it acts as a natural peroxide.

Joe, a tech salesman for 25 years, found all of this out while researching.  He left the tech field, went to work with his childhood best friend and took over a start-up honey company in Arizona.  Through his research, he saw a pattern; People were mentioning the use of honey for dogs as well! Mentions of feeding the dog honey for allergies or applying honey to a cut on their dog seemed to be something people were talking about.  He went out and found that there were no honey products made for dogs.  Although you can use local honey for your dog, it may be better to source fromK9 Honey, Honey For Dogs , and here is why…

Honey acts like a vaccine does when it comes to allergies.  Exposure to small amount of pollen from your area in the honey builds up antibodies that can prevent allergies.  The thing is, there are many regions near by where the pollen is slightly different, along with the fact that more and more people travel with their dogs (and if you are one of those people that travel a lot, check out www.gopetfriendly.com) 

K9 Honey realized this and has collected bee pollen from 8 other regions around the country, grinding them into a single product and blending it into the honey.  This helps your dog build immunities to local  pollens as well  pollens in other regions you may visit!


K9 Honey promotes dogs health and wellness:


  1. Allergies:

The one of a kind blend of bee pollens from around the country offers a well-rounded aid in allergy control.

  1. Cuts/Burns:

Application of honey is used for human burns and cuts as well as cuts and burns on dogs. Application acts as a natural peroxide, keeping the cut or burn clean, free of infection and helps accelerate wound healing

  1. Arthritis:

Arthritis is an inflammatory condition. Honey, with its anti-inflammatory properties, is a great option for helping reduce arthritic pain in the dog’s body as they age

  1. Kennel Cough:

Combining honey with hot water and lemon juice makes a great remedy for kennel cough


So, you are interested, but how do you use K9 Honey?


Overall, honey is something every dog owner should consider having in their dog owner tool belt! Check out K9 Honey on Facebook to see customer videos and additional information and pictures!

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For other alternative health information, check out our interview with Dr. Low Dog on Herbalism for Dogs!

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