Pet of the Week: STELLA!

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Update: Stella has been adopted! Yay!

Stella was adopted from SWAT a few weeks ago, but she is coming back because she digs…she digs moles, she digs gophers, she gets bored living in the backyard by herself so she digs to find friends.
Stella needs a home with another dog, someone to romp with and play with and keep her company. She needs a yard that it doesn’t matter if she digs…or doesn’t have moles and gophers. She’s a sweet girl! She gets along with everyone and every thing.
She had a rough start to life but she doesn’t hold that against us humans…she is eager to please and wants to be good. Stella needs a home that understands puppy-business and home with lots of love to give and receive. Here is her original story:

“S T E L L A! Nah, not the Stella from Rocky but I did arrive with a Boxer named Sugar Ray. We were tossed in a backyard (that didn’t belong to us) and we couldn’t stay, had no where to go so SWAT took a deep breath and said “what’s a couple more?” Oh, you want more info? Here goes; I’m a pretty little bitty Boxer mix. I have not had my 1st birthday yet but I’m planning on celebrating! I have basic manners, I get along great with other dogs and cats, I don’t even mind chickens. I don’t chew (much), jump or yap but I am a good watch dog.”

If you want more info call; (918) 605-6516 & ask for Stella!

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