We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that you got to spend it with family and friends….especially your furry ones! We’re still recovering from all the deliciousness, and won’t be back into office until Monday. So….we are leaving you with some of the best Thanksgiving Aftermath photos for a good laugh!


You lay in bed the next day thinking about all the food you shoveled into your mouth yesterday, and wonder how you haven’t literally exploded. All the while planning out your meal of leftovers…

It’s physically impossible to keep your eyes open after a Thanksgiving meal. Just give into the temptation to nap….c’mon everyone’s doing it!

You just hobble around your house waiting for the food to digest….wondering if you’ll ever be the same again!

You wake up Friday morning, and know your fridge is full of delicious leftovers. You are about to have Thanksgiving part two!

You start exercising and realize you made a huge mistake by eating an entire pumpkin pie….but you’d do it again in a heartbeat!

After eating that much food, you get kinda “food drunk”. You start doing weird stuff, and you can’t even explain why….maybe tricks will earn you more food?

Motivation…ha! You no longer know the meaning of that word….

That itch can wait until your food settles….

We hope everyone enjoys a nice long nap and another plate of turkey today!

Don’t forget December boxes are on sale now! Sign your pup up for a special treat this year!


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