Pet of the Week: DEWEY

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Meet Dewey!


Dewey is a 3yr old Domestic Long Haired, Maine Coon mix. Male, neutered and up-to-date on all shots. Has been with us for over 2 yrs. Dewey can be very sweet, but he does get stimulate very quickly and will not be shy as when he wants you to stop. In the mornings Dewey has a lot of energy and will run around until he gets fed. During the day though he tends to calm down and will usually sit at the window looking out, he LOVES other cats and he is a must to go home with other cats. He does not like big dogs, but could probably be ok with smaller ones (5-20lbs). HE loves to play with toys and the laser light.

Dewey is special because he is Special Needs; we found out he has a autoimmune disease that makes his gums and throat become very irritated  and painful when he eats any other food then his own (all cats in household will either have to switch to his food, or they must be fed separately, no food being left out). When he has flare ups he does require steroid shots and antibiotics. He is also on meds every other day to keep the disease at bay. Sadly, all of this is for life.  Dewey deserves a home of his own with people that will tend to his medical needs and show him the proper way of love. Because of his medical needs we are looking for New Jersey residents only, or another rescue that would take it him, so he can be in a home.


The Jersey Shore Animal Center is a private, nonprofit animal shelter, with a mission of caring for unwanted, abused, abandoned and homeless animals until we can place them in loving forever homes.

jsacheartlogoDewey’s adoption fee has been waived!

For more information visit Jersey Shore Animal Center or email: [email protected] or call 732-920-1600 (main office)

You can also visit and LIKE them on Facebook!

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