Pet of the Week: TRUMAN

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Meet Truman!

Truman’s story as told by his foster mom:
“I fell for Truman when I went to Morrow County Dog Shelter to meet another dog (Major, who was the longest resident at the shelter and ended up being my shortest foster). I took Truman (who I affectionately call True) out for a walk, and he immediately rested his paws on my chest and laid his head against me. After Major was adopted I went back for True, hopeful that I could put some weight on him and find him the perfect forever home. He proved to be a bit of a challenge at first (as it would be house-training any outdoor stray), but above all he was loving. He adores his humans and wants nothing more than cuddles and pets. True gets excited when he sees me coming up the stairs and is quiet and polite in his crate. But less than a week after my roommates and myself welcomed him into our home as my sixth foster, we found out he was heart worm positive. Because he arrived at Morrow County as a stray, there is no way to know just how long he has been heart worm positive.
For anyone that doesn’t know, heart worm literally means there are worms in his heart and lungs. If left untreated, the worms would eventually kill Truman. Luckily, PetPromise always treats. But it’s a long, expensive treatment. The first month True takes four doxycycline pills daily. Those kill the smaller larvae. The second month he is to receive injections into his lumbar that target the adult worms. Throughout the entire treatment he is on crate rest- strictly no exercise. This is especially important in the last month of treatment as the dying worms break into pieces that could clog pulmonary arteries and kill True if he were to overexert himself. This treatment will cost over $800 and last three months. PetPromise would not be able to treat True and dogs like him without community support.

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